Taylormade m3 vs m4 hybrid

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Taylormade m3 vs m4 hybrid

When you think of a rescue club or hybrid, it's quite likely TaylorMade pops into your mind. Logically, TaylorMade makes great drivers and fairways woodsso why not hybrids? TaylorMade understands that the majority of us aren't as proficient with a long iron as we'd like to be. Or that we might need help escaping the rough, a bunker, or heaven help us, on occasion, a thick strand of trees.

Offered in 17, 19, 21 or 24 degree lofts, featuring the Mitsubishi Blue Tensei shaft, but also offering an array of other shaft options for no upcharge, the TaylorMade M3 Rescue is a low-to-mid-handicappers dream. The sliding sole has 30 grams of mass three grams heavier than M1 Hybrid which enables golfers to quickly and easily craft the optimal center-of-gravity and shot shape, from power fade to baby draw.

Also, each M3 Hybrid can be adjusted within a three degree window of loft so the better golfer can make sure he or she is dialed in and can hit the green from any distance. It's a standard looking hybrid, that fits in with its competitors on the market, offering a high-toe and squared off face. The two-tone matte silver front and gloss black body is flat classy. In addition, it lowers the difficulty in lining up your shots. And if we aren't aligned, there will be chaos - and double bogeys.

Again, this club is comparable to the M1 Rescue, which TaylorMade released a couple years ago but the manufacturer has tweaked and improved the M3 Rescuenot missing a single detail, including reducing by 33 percent the weight of the screw on the hosel to lower the overall clubhead weight and swingweight.

Distance - Golfers in the market for an upscale, players performance hybrid will be happy with the distance created by the TaylorMade M3 Rescue.

It's combination of mid-to-high launch and low spin should create plenty of distance. Furthermore, the adjustable track on the sole of the club should enable golfers to crank out an extra yard or two, especially if they are hindered by a weak left-to-right ball flight or fight an excessively high spin rate. Forgiveness - The sweet spot is large and the performance across the clubface is terrific.

It's not the most forgiving hybrid on the market but the TaylorMade M3 Rescue gives players confidence to swing away without worrying about catching the ball toward the heel or toe. Workability - In general, hybrids are designed to create a straight, consistent ball flight, giving the average player more forgiveness and producing more height on approach shots struck yards -or more - from the target.

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Still, the M3 Hybrid will enable some curve. Appearance - She's as pretty as a two-foot eagle putt on No. The most obvious feature of the TaylorMade M4 Rescue club is the generous, rounded head that should give a golfer confidence an airborne shot will soon be produced.

The club design also includes a deep center of gravity and the same Geocoustic section that was a revolutionary breakthrough on the M2 Hybrid. Then again, it's not like TaylorMade to stand pat. And they didn't. While the Gecoustic section was near the toe of the clubface on the M2 Hybrid, it's located toward the center and heel on the TaylorMade M4 Hybridwhich should improve launch and forgiveness.

Weight pads on each side of the sweet spot are also designed to improve forgiveness on those pesky off-center strikes. The Speed Pocket on the sole is wider on the M4 Rescue compared to the M2 Rescue, which should give golfers more help on shots struck low on the clubface. These are the common mis-hits for most players. The M4 Rescue does not have a weight track on the bottom. The TaylorMade M4 Hybrid is available in the following lofts: 19, 22, 25 and 28 degrees.

The stock shaft is the Fujikura Atmos Red shaft, offered in 50, 60 or 70 gram options. Various other shafts are available for no upcharge. Distance - She's hot. Not the hottest, because in general, the M4 Rescue might be a touch high on the spin meter as it's designed to help golfers launch their shots into the air. But you'll find ample distance, no worries. Forgiveness - Better than ever.

From beginner to flat swinging long iron struggler, this M4 Rescue club will tighten the dispersion of your long range approach shots. Workability - Virtually non-existent.Other than the M6 hybrid having twist face, is there any other real difference between these two hybrids?

taylormade m3 vs m4 hybrid

Twist face was the big addition, but the speed slot also got a new insert to help with turf interaction. I put them side by side in the store and didn't visually notice anything significantly different, but TM did not publish the head volume on the M6, so I don't know if it is bigger or smaller. I played the M4 hybrid and liked it, but it didn't get through the turf as great as I wanted.

TaylorMade M3 and M4 Hybrid Review

I have a tendency to be a steep, divot taking swinger, so this may be a case of the Magician, not the Wand. I'm currently experimenting with the Cobra F9 hybrid since the baffler rails seem to add bounce to it I love me some bounce, hybrids, irons, wedges and all. It sits more closed than I'd like at address, but the turf interaction is far better than the M3 was for me.

If I can get over the though mental image of hooking it at address, it will stay in the bag. Rich Text Editor. To edit a paragraph's style, hit tab to get to the paragraph menu. From there you will be able to pick one style. Nothing defaults to paragraph. An inline formatting menu will show up when you select text. Hit tab to get into that menu. Some elements, such as rich link embeds, images, loading indicators, and error messages may get inserted into the editor.

You may navigate to these using the arrow keys inside of the editor and delete them with the delete or backspace key. Recent Discussions Advanced Search. Discussion Taylormade M4 vs. M6 hybrid. Any real difference?

TaylorMade M3 and M4 Hybrid Review

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Anyone compare the two side by side? Posted: Oct 09 PM. Comments Good question. Posted: Oct 10 AM. TM M6 Posted: Oct 10 PM. Must not have been a popular hybrid series for TM. Leave a Comment Rich Text Editor.The new TaylorMade M4 Rescue is designed to help average golfers replace a long iron with higher, longer and more draw-biased performance.

With a larger sweetspot, a split-mass pad, speed pocket and geocoustic sole, the key performance technologies in the new TaylorMade M4 combine to produce an increase in ball speed and an enhance overall playability. This is our easiest hybrid to hit, gets up easy, goes long and has a little bit more draw bias than the M3.

The M2 rescue flew off the shelves this year, and the M4 is going to be no different. With shaping designed to work through a variety of conditions and low CG for easy launch, golfers have a new "go-to" club for any situation on the course". A bigger, wider body than the M3 which is ideal for golfers who tend to sweep hybrid shots off the deck like a fairway wood.

The speed pocket sole boosts speed and forgiveness particularly on shots struck low on the face. When and how to replace your 5-iron. It probably goes some way to explaining why TaylorMade choose it, especially considering less golfers get fit for fairways and hybrids compared to drivers. Need help choosing hybrids? Wide body vs Narrow body vs Utility irons here.

Find out all about the tech and key features behind the M4 hybrid, including a new crown, split mass pad and geoucoustic design. The M4 Rescue features a cut-through Speed Pocket to increase launch and maximize ballspeed on shots hit below center face. In addition to the added forgiveness, a Geocoustic sole design and a short, fluted hosel work in tandem to optimize sound and feel at impact. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Please try again later! By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. What we say TaylorMade M4 Hybrid: Geocoustic Sole Deisgn In addition to the added forgiveness, a Geocoustic sole design and a short, fluted hosel work in tandem to optimize sound and feel at impact. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Your name You must enter your name.

Your email address You must enter a valid email address. Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 3 stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating.

Your review title You must enter a title. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.Are you the type of player who likes to hit Par-5s in two? If that describes you, then you are going to want to check out the newest weapons of mass destruction from TaylorMade.

TaylorMade has improved its latest round of fairway woods, the M3 Fairway and M4 Fairwayfrom what many consider to be some of the best fairway woods on the market, the M1 Fairway and M2 Fairway they replace.

But, for all of its genius in research, development and advancements in technology, the club manufacturing giant could not figure out how to instill the revolutionary Twist Face design featured in the M3 and M4 Drivers. For now, be satisfied with these beautiful fairway woods, which are similar in appearance and feel, but offer enough differences to appeal to a wide spectrum of recreational golfers.

For the most part, consider the M3 fairway woods the new-and-improved version of the extremely popular M1 Fairway Woods. TaylorMade had better players in mind when concocting this gem of a fairway wood. Of course, TaylorMade didn't climb toward the top of the industry by standing pat or narrowing its target buyer.

TaylorMade M3 Review

They upgraded the M3 Fairway Woods in several key categories, specifically by making the screw that holds the adjustable hosel - which features 12 different positions and four degrees of loft - smaller than it was on the M1 Fairway Woods. The M3 features a 5-layer carbon crownjust like the driver of the same name. The body of the club is made of stainless steel and the Ni-Co face is the same as the M1 Fairway Woods.

The head is slightly larger, compared to the M1, and more round in shape. Overall, the weight is four grams heavier than the M1 Fairway Woods - for a total of 29 grams - and the center of gravity is eight percent closer to the face, which is intended to reduce spin. The adjustable weight track is wider and 3.

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The Mitsubishi Tensei is the stock shaft. Many shafts available for upcharge. With the adjustable hosel, the M3 can be altered from 13 to 17 degrees. Distance - Seems like all of the 3-woods are hotter and hotter as manufacturers have cracked the code on how to implement driver technology into fairway clubs. The M3 Fairway follows the prescription, providing impressive ball speed on solid hits and errant strikes.

Forgiveness - The mis-hits - not that any of us ever have any - work out just fine, thanks in part to the slightly oversized head. Workability - On the neutral setting, a golfer should feel confident he or she can curve the ball in the intended direction with the M3 Fairway Woods. And the multiple adjustments from fade to draw enable the creation of an ideal setting. The wider track in the sole will also help golfers escape those nasty tight lies.

taylormade m3 vs m4 hybrid

This should present a softer, more pleasing look for most players. Here's the big difference: Not only does the M4 Fairway Woods have a slightly larger clubhead than the M2 Fairway Woods but the internal weight pad has been split, half on the heel and half on the toe to absorb and correct those shots that aren't struck on the center of the face.

The GeoCoustic design on the sole makes it more forgiving as well, and like the M3 Fairway, the crown is now silver and extremely attractive when you're standing over the shot. In general for most players, the M4 Fairway creates more spin than the M3 Fairway, which should enable mid-to-high handicap golfers to launch the ball higher. Again, there's a fixed hosel, so you can't exchange shafts, so it's probably ideal to get fitted through an authorized dealer before making your purchase.

The M4 Fairway is available in lofts of 15, The stock shaft is the Fujikura Atmos Red, but TaylorMade also offers an array of alternatives for no upcharge. The company also has plans to offer an M4 Fairway Tour, which will have the same perimeter weighting but also a slightly smaller head, generating increased workability.

Distance - Like Nelly said init's hot in here. So hot. The M4 Fairway is a missile launcher, designed to send shots flying into orbit and send your playing companions rushing to their nearest golf shop looking for one of their own.

Seriously, this is a powerful 3-wood and much like the M2 Fairway is destined to ascend to the top of the marketplace because of its power. Forgiveness - Can you have it all?

But with the M4 Fairway, you can have most of it. The perimeter weighting is going to help the mis-hits dramatically and help this club appeal to golfers in the mid-to-high handicap range. Workability - Not the primary purpose of the M4 Fairway. Not completely out of the question, but the club is designed to produce a simple, repeating ball flight.On the other hand the M-Series Irons by TaylorMade are geared more towards Mid-Handicappers and High-Handicappers, making them perfect for beginners looking to buy the best irons available for their skill level.

The M4 Irons by TaylorMade are very impressive with the new design look, feel, sound, and RibCor technology that helps them add speed, distance, and forgiveness to the list of features to look forward to.

Below we will compare the M4 irons against their old M2 counterpart as well as the M3 irons which launched at the same time as the M4 irons, but have slight difference in design and purpose. The biggest difference is the Speed Pocket on the M4 which is now longer and has a slimmer curved line instead of the former dumbbell shape on the M2.

The Speed Pockets job is to increase the speed of low center strikes to help you maximize distance on this mishits.

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As far as Face Design, the M4 irons still have face slots on the 4 iron through 8 iron to increase ball speed on your off center hits. RibCor has helped the irons reduce the loss of energy, resulting in higher ball speeds and longer distances making these TaylorMade irons one of the best on the market for distance just like their M2 counterpart.

RibCor also positions more mass in the heel and toe of the irons which increases the MOI and reduces the twisting at impact to help shots fly straighter. The sound and feel is better than the M2 irons thanks to the larger carbon badge that wraps around the irons. It works in conjunction with the RibCor technology to help reduce vibrations so the clubs feel and sound better at impact.

taylormade m3 vs m4 hybrid

The biggest difference golfers will notice is the M4 irons have a larger face and stronger lofts which helps them create more ball speed with less spin, resulting in better carry distances compared to the M3 irons. Another difference is the club shaft. The M4 irons come standard with a KBS Max 85 steel shaft which is light and stable, helping you generate as much club head speed as possible. So check out the features below to get a better since of the differences between the M3 and M4 irons.

With the goal of longer, higher and straighter shots in mind, the RibCOR channels energy to a localized point. In essence, it stiffens the outside of the clubface to increase the face flexibility, which increases ball speed and promotes more accurate shots.

Another bonus of the RibCOR technology is it softens the vibration at impact which improves the sound and feel. Speed Pocket Technology transfers more energy to the bottom of the club where many players mishit their iron shots, making them more forgiving so you still maximize your distances on your iron shots. Before you go, make sure to check out these golf practice plans!

Each has proven drills to help you improving your scoring and build a strong short game! Click Here to Download. Previous Next. Pin A narrow body hybrid, which thanks to 30g of sliding sole weight can help dial in a neutral or fade shot shape, which is perfect for better players who often find they pull hybrids left of the target.

For the first time there's a two-tone silver and black paintjob to match the M3 woods. An adjustable hosel lets you dial in loft, face angle and lie more accurately than a glued hosel model. When and how to replace your 5-iron.

A typical narrow body hybrid which is well suited to golfers who hit down on their hybrids much like irons, which tends to be slightly better players with more aggressive swing types.

All of our testers erred towards the M4 hybrid much more so than the M3, primarily because of the wider more forgiving head and shallower profile. Comparing the two our test pro saw a gain of 8 yards of carry distance in favour of the M4, which comes from a 2 deg higher launch and goes someway to explaining the difference in flight between the wide body M4 and narrow body M3.

We're fans of the sound and feel which are excellent and the new two-tone paintjob which matches TaylorMade's fantastic woods. An excellent choice for fans of narrow body hybrids or decent golfers prone to tugging hybrids left of the target, which isn't most double digit handicap club golfers. For us anyone choosing M3 should really be making use of the adjustable hosel and sliding sole weight to warrant the extra dosh over the excellent M4.

Need help choosing hybrids? Wide body vs Narrow body vs Utility irons here. The new TaylorMade M3 Rescue has more moveable weight than the M1 Rescue— 30g compared to 27g— to give the golfer more adjustability options to help correct predominantly left to right shots.

The crown showcases a whole new look with a premium two tone, matte silver front section and gloss black back body, which TaylorMade say allows for proper alignment on the most crucial shots into the greens.

In addition to the new 30g sliding weight and advanced sole design, the head comes equipped with a 3-degree ultra-lightweight aluminum Loft Sleeve. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Please try again later! By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. What we say TaylorMade M3 Rescue: Verdict An excellent choice for fans of narrow body hybrids or decent golfers prone to tugging hybrids left of the target, which isn't most double digit handicap club golfers.

Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Your name You must enter your name. Your email address You must enter a valid email address. Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 3 stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating. Your review title You must enter a title. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters.The new TaylorMade M3 and M4 family of woods are led by a pair of drivers that seek to change the technology landscape of the category.

But unlike others who have stretched the boundaries of new materials and construction techniques and mass properties, these new drivers are looking to mine something potentially deeper: data. The idea of bulge and roll is that the negative effects of spin and launch on off-center hits are counteracted by the proper face curvature. This is particularly true for bulge, which curves toe and heel shots that are launching with sidespin back toward the centerline for increased accuracy.

Crediting research with Foresight Sports launch monitors that allowed engineers to match multiple elements of clubhead information with downrange dispersion, the numbers showed that shots hit high across the face tended to curve back too far to the left of center, while shots hit low on the face tended to curve back too far right of center for a right-handed swing, the opposite would be true for a left-handed swing.

What the data was telling researchers is that golfers tended to swing outside to in with a closed face on high-face impacts, while doing just the opposite with low-face impacts. Beach said that while better players hit shots surprisingly off center, average players do it more often and thus would benefit even more. That new next level is a face that curves unlike any other driver in the game.

Slightly above center the face curves more open as it moves toward the toe. Slightly below center, it curves more closed as it moves toward the heel. The Twist Face design is a key shared technology between the M3 and M4 drivers, but the two wood families offer substantial differences, too.

Taylormade M4 Hybrid: An HONEST Review

Beach said the CG stays low with respect to the center of the face across those extreme postions to produce shots that launch relatively high with consistently low spin.

That slot is 22 percent wider than previous sole channels on the M2 driver last year.

taylormade m3 vs m4 hybrid

The M3 driver, which Bazzell expects to have a greater share among TaylorMade's staff players on the PGA Tour than M1 did last year, also includes a cubic centimeter version to appeal to players who favor a smaller appearance at address for increased workability. The M3 drivers 8. The rest of the line includes upgrades in the adjustability of the fairway wood thanks to a smaller weight screw. That allowed the sliding track on the carbon-composite-crowned M3 fairway wood to be located slightly forward of where it was on the M1, while also providing room for a longer slot.

That combination helps to yield shots with better ball speed and lower spin. The weight in the sliding track is now up to 29 grams, compared with 25 in last year's M1. The weight in that track also has been increased to 30 grams from 27 on last year's M1.

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The M4 is about 15 grams lighter overall than M3, which includes a face that weighs 17 percent less than the face on last year's M The M4 features a larger but lighter and forgiving face, and it increases that forgiveness while actually slightly reducing the front-to-back appearance at address. Thinner, lighter carbon composite panels in the crown and sole also greatly help in saving weight.

Open champion Brooks Koepka and Tiger Woods and more players on the PGA Tour playing the M2, the new shape of the M4 will appeal to elite golfers while still providing the forgiveness that average golfers need.

Added to the M4 mix is a heel-weighted, slice-fighting D-Type that Beach believes fits many more average players than currently would consider such a driver. Beach said the D-Type offers 20 more yards left bias compared to the standard M4. When you move the CG to the heel, no matter where you hit it, it has more draw. The M4 drivers 9. Both the M4 fairway wood and M4 Rescue hybrid offer the same approach to increasing forgiveness through the use of carbon fiber sections and pushing the saved weight to the rear of the club.

By splitting the rear weight pad into two sections, that raises the MOI by 12 percent while still keeping the center of gravity low to control spin. The M4 fairway wood and hybrid also benefit from an improved sole channel for better ball speed performance across the face, especially on low-face impacts. The low-profile face on the M4 fairway woods 15, Also available will be a slightly deeper face M4 Tour fairway, which features a cubic centimeter head versus the standard M4 fairway's head size of cc.

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